Inspection and services

Zangula Welding and Quality Consultancy accreditation and registration as an Approved Inspection Authority for manufacture, and in-service inspection which provides the legal framework for statutory inspection and testing of pressure equipment.


Zangula Welding and Quality Consultancy in addition we provides general inspection services of Power plant, Process plant, Pressure vessels and any other Mechanical equipment and Structural steel structures during fabrication and maintenance activities.  Our inspection and testing equipment are calibrated to National Standards to provide the confidence required by our clients as an Independent Inspection Authority. Our engineering team has the professional competency and are registered with ECSA to carryout design verification activities during design approval of calculation and drawings within the PER scope of work to major international design standards and other voluntary verification requirements by the client.


Our Inspection Services

  • Approved inspection authority for pressure equipment manufacturing and in-service inspection and testing..
  • Project Quality management and general inspection services during shut downs or plant maintenance.
  • We carry out independent design analysis and checks to ensure design compliance to the legislation as well as best practice.
  • Pre-shipping inspection, document verification, condition assessment.
  • Fitness for purpose analysis of mechanical and civil structures.
  • Our inspection team is supported by a highly qualified and experienced engineering team
Steam cooling water circuits + Boiler +Turbine + DeNOc reactor + Electrostatic precipitator + Blue gas desulfurization

Our speciality

Our skills

Zangula Welding and Quality Consultancy has an understanding and extensive experience in welding and quality management. In October 2016 we were audited and found compliant by SANAS to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and SANS 10227:2012. Our services include;


  • General welding and quality management systems consultancy.
  • Welding control and defects investigation Solutions.
  • Qualifying welding procedures, welders and welding operators as per client requirements and welding code such as ASME IX, AWS D1.1, and ISO EN 15614 Code. Plastics welding as per SANS 10 269 and SANS 10 270.
  • QMS implementation and its maintenance.
  • Quality inspection on Civil and Mechanical structures, Power plants and compilation of data packs as per client contract.
  • Independent Inspection services for Manufacture, Mechanical Design Verification and In-service as per PER of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993).
  • Internal QMS training.
  • General Inspection services.

Zangula Welding and Quality Consultancy is a company where every solution and service is based on excellence. Our wide range of services that we provide speak volumes about the skills we possess. We possess strong welding knowledge, quality management expertise and Inspection activities as per the PER of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993) in the mechanical engineering field. With a strong focus on reviving the welding, statutory and quality management knowledge in South Africa,.


We  intends to use its skills and bring a brand new approach to the welding, quality management and Inspection  industry. Here is a lowdown on the skills that our founder possess. With support of highly skilled employees in deferent field we will surpass your expectation.


  • Mechanical Engineering Diploma
  • International Welding Technologist :ZA-IWT-00021
  • Welding and fabrication Inspector Level two (SAIW)
  • With 12 years experience in coal power generation and nuclear power plants as quality inspector (working for manufactures and AIA’s).

What we do?

Zangula Welding and Quality Consultancy has an understanding and extensive experience in welding and quality management. In October 2016

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Who we are?

Welcome to the world of Zangula Welding and Quality Consultancy (Pty) Ltd. We are a Professional Engineering company that provide welding,